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2 iunie 2006
Dupa circa 10 luni de Weblog.ro ( le multumesc celor care au creat acest serviciu – mersi Antonio) blogul meu s-a maturizat. Si se muta pe http://blog.dotcommerce.ro .
De ce ?
Pentru ca este un blog corporate . Nu personal.
Pentru ca reflecta politica DotCommerce.
Pentru ca are ft multi abonati si genereaza mult trafic = branding ptr noi.
Pentru ca totul evolueaza.
Pentru ca vor intra mai multi colegi din DotCommerce in blogosfera .

It’s a real war on Net

1 iunie 2006
ay 30, 2006 (Computerworld Australia) Some 12 online credit card fraud networks are in operation today, with active traders on some Web sites numbering between 7,000 and 9,000, according to a Secret Service agent going by the name of Jake Jacobson.
With quasimilitary business models, alleged parliamentary links and even feedback forums on the more current “carding forums,” the proceeds of some heists have reaped more than $15.9 million from stolen data, according to the interior minister of one country .
But who had any idea there was a funny side?
At times, Jacobson had those attending his presentation at this year’s Australia Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCert) conference in Queensland last week laughing out loud — not at the terrible crimes of teenage Ukrainian youth, but at the extent of the operations with one crudely named network even sponsoring state-endorsed cultural events and advertising an online site.
“All you have to do is set up a bulletin board, and the Web provides order and stability,” Jacobson said.
“You control membership and kick out time wasters. At any time, there are at least a dozen [sites] operating and if you divide the traffic a big part of it is transactional — buying and selling hacked databases, counterfeit credit cards and drivers’ licences.
“Another aspect of the traffic is recruitment. They bring kids in or find high-level partners with different capabilities. And then there’s knowledge sharing. The criminals are better at sharing knowledge than any U.S. government I have worked with.”
Jacobson described his work as tracking millions of dollars to shady characters in dodgy parts of the world, and admitted that in far too many cases nobody knows what the money is used for. He outlined one operation, Operation Firewall, which in July 2003 netted the perpetrators behind Shadowcrew, Carderplanet and Darkprofits sites.
“By early 2003, things were rolling; we saw sites like the Brotherhood of Carders (8,600 user accounts) as well buying and selling information hacked out of the system, but there was no resource more responsible than Carderplanet,” Jacobson said.
“Carderplanet had 7,000 active users from May 2001 and by August 2004 was the most reliable source for every criminal goods or service available on the Internet. The Russian-speaking community, the Ukraine Belarus, and the Baltic communities are unmatched as a source for [financial] crime and no other community comes close.”
Jacobson said that more recently, carding forums have added feedback forums.
“One guy had completed 25 deals, with a 100% positive feedback rating; they have adopted rankings unabashedly,” he said. “They now have specialized equipment to create bank-quality cards, offer phishing services, and even re-shipping. You can choose from reviewed vendors and compare pricing, everything you want is available and you can buy credit card “dumps” and track data.”
Jacobson said a December 2005 bust of one Eastern-bloc trader led to problems with prosecution, because the perpetrator “had a remote control destruction device more like an NSA spy plane, but on a home PC” that destroyed all evidence on his hard disk. Two members of the Ukrainian parliament had personally vouched for him.

SOV a cumparat Catavencu.

29 mai 2006
Trustul de presa Realitatea Media, al carui actionar majoritar este omul de afaceri Sorin Vantu, a finalizat luni negocierile cu grupul de presa Catavencu pentru achizitionarea pachetului majoritar de actiuni . Tranzactia, despre care nu au fost oferite amanunte financiare, este una dintre cele mai spectaculoase achizitii pe piata de media din Romania.
Sunt trist. Another one bites the dust. Sau o alta fata a ..lacomiei.
Cest la vie en Roumanie

Alt interviu in Business Review

29 mai 2006
Pentru ce fel de tranzactii este folosit serviciul de micro-payment in

Din analizele pe care le avem la dispozitie majoritatea microplatilor sunt initiale de ofertantii de servicii online sau offline. Pina acum exista citeva metode consacrate de initiere si finalizare a acestor micro-plati:  

numere de telefon fixe cu plata factura telefonica ( hotline )
plata via SMS prin operatorii de telefonie mobila
plata cu card bancar online
Desigur fiecare sistem are avantajele si dezavantajele lui dar cel mai folosit este cel de SMS payment desi nu este cel mai ieftin.

Cat este de raspandit acest sistem la noi?

Nu avem date complete despre tranzactiile via SMS sau numere speciale dar pe zona de plata cu card online acest segment capata forta in fiecare zi. De altfel eu sunt un mare sustinator al acestor micro-plati prin sistemele noastre de procesare carduri. Am o explicatie simpla : un detinator de card va accepta mai usor o plata de suma mica cu cardul banacr online pina capata incredere in sistemele de e-commerce. Este o crestere naturala : azi plateste un CV online, maine o carte si ulterior ajunge sa cumpere servicii sau produse de valoare mare.

Care credeti ca este valoarea totala a tranzactiilor facute prin acest sistem in
in 2005 sau estimari pentru 2006?

Din punctul de vedere al comerciantilor care proceseaza prin DotCommerce in 2005 valoare tranzactionata este in jurul sumei de 750.000 USD.

Credeti ca potentialul acestui sistem este exploatat la maxim?
Cred ca glumiti. Din potentialul pietii din
cred ca se utilizeaza maxim 8% in acest moment.

Ce anume credeti ca impiedica dezvoltarea sistemului?

Din punct de vedere tehnic stam foarte bine ca oferta si capabilitati. Suferim grav in zona de cultura a cumparatorilor si in zona de diversitate a ofertelor. Exista o singura piedica tehnica majora : imposibilitatea de a accepta carduri bancare via telefon. Aceasta mie imi pare o mare prostie:in SUA tranzactiile/comenzile telefonice sunt o industrie de peste 4 miliarde USD/an.

Cum functioneaza acest sistem pe plan international?

Nu exista diferente majore in acest moment cu serviciile ofertate in
. Vremurile cind ei erau mai dezvoltati si noi tinjeam dupa sistemele lor a trecut demult. In afara problemei descrise mai sus ( plasarea de comenzi cu card via telefon) suntem foarte bine dezvoltati.

 Care sunt partile implicate in oferirea acestui serviciu?

Dupa caz sunt implicate companiile de telefonie mobila, sistemele lor de facturare , sisteme de creditare , analiza a riscului , payment gatewayuri, sisteme de decontare bancare si sistemele organizatiilor internationale emitente de carduri.

 Care sunt costurile de implementare ale unui asemenea sistem?

La nivelul operatorilor de telefonie mobila nu cunosc detalii. In cazul platilor online prin DotCommerce costul este mic : 151 EUR. Dar niciodata costul implementarii nu este relevant ci comisionul de tranzactionare. Daca DotCommerce percepe un comision intre 5%-4% , concurentii nostrii in jurul a 9%, companiile de telefonie percep circa 60%. Diferentele sunt majore si cred ca acest indicator este important.

 Aveti o evidenta cu companiile locale care ofera un astfel de serviciu?


Acum ne vom feri si de .. antivirusi care ne viruseaza? Hello Norton..wake up

28 mai 2006
Symantec anti-virus suffers from a flaw that lets hackers seize control of computers
Symantec hopes to patch hole before hackers release exploit
05-26-2006 09:14:28 AM CST — from the folks at AP and CNN.com
Symantec Corp.’s leading antivirus software, which protects some of the world’s largest corporations and U.S. government agencies, suffers from a flaw that lets hackers seize control of computers to steal sensitive data , delete files or implant malicious programs, researchers said Thursday. Symantec said it was investigating the issue but could not immediately corroborate the vulnerability. If confirmed, the threat to computer users would be severe because the security software is so widely used and because no action is required by victims using the latest versions of Symantec Antivirus to suffer a crippling attack over the Internet. Symantec has boasted that its antivirus products are installed on more than 200 million computers. A spokesman, Mike Bradshaw, said the company was examining the reported flaw but described it as “so new that we don’t have any details.”
Every day seems to bring a new threat… Researchers from eEye Digital Security Inc. of Aliso Viejo, California, discovered the vulnerability and provided evidence to Symantec engineers this week, said eEye’s chief hacking officer, Marc Maiffret. He demonstrated the attack for The Associated Press. eEye said it appeared consumer versions of Symantec’s Norton Antivirus software — sold at retail outlets around the country — were not vulnerable to the flaw, though consumers who are provided Symantec’s corporate edition antivirus software by their employers for use at home may be affected.
Maiffret’s company — which has discovered hundreds of similar flaws in other software products — also produces intrusion-protection software, called “Blink,” that he said already blocks such attacks and can operate alongside Symantec’s antivirus products. Maiffret published a note about the company’s discovery on its Web site but pledged not to reveal details publicly that would help hackers attack Internet users until after Symantec repairs its antivirus software.

Gala Premiilor e-commerce

27 mai 2006
Azi noapte la ora 0 s-au terminat inscrierile la Gala Premiilor e-
commerce organizate de Link2Ecommerce ( www.link2ec.ro). Categoria
magazine virtuale din Romania care accepta carduri de credit/debit.
Sunt inscrise 32 de magazine ( grea proba pentru juriu care este tinut
secret de organizatori, tot ce am aflat in cadrul emisiunii Orasul
virtual -CityFM / Ionut Paraschiv este ca sunt 15 membri in juriu) din
care cu mare bucurie ma vazut ca 24 sunt procesate de DotCommerce.
Recunosc ca i-am incurajat pe toti clientii nostri sa intre in concurs
si (doar) 24 au si facut-o(Euroweb nu s-a putut inscrie in concurs
fiind sponsor si am pierdut a 25-a posibila inscriere). 24 din 32.
Avem un marketshare bun :)
Se anunta o Gala foarte disputata si am emotii deja. Mai ales ca si
noi participam pentru titlul de cel mai bun procesator de plati din
Exista concurenta si intre bancile emitente de carduri, intre bancile
acceptatoare si foarte, foarte multe orgolii in joc.
Nu mai este mult si vom vedea rezultatele primei Gale a comertului
electronic din Romania.

Emotii mari deja avem…
Madalin Matica

Un prim blog al unui magazin virtual…

23 mai 2006
..stam si vorbim de comunicare alternativa . Despre forum, blog links etc. Si vorbim dar nu facem nimic. Pina astazi cind : www.fungift.ro si-a lansat BLOGUL.
Way to go Marius…. se pare ca esti primul care a trecut la fapte.
Citesc comunicatul lui  in care raspunde la intrebarea de ce un blog ptr un magazin de e-commerce : “pentru ca noi am simtit ca nu comunicam indeajuns cu clientii sau vizitatorii nostri, pentru a imbunatati comunicarea dinspre acestia si pentru a-i da un caracter public si pentru ca simtim ca un magazin online matur ar trebui sa-si asume un grad mai mare de transparenta .”
Felicitari :)

Have a Business and not a blog ?

20 mai 2006

Have A Business ? Get A Blog

By: Doug Caverly

More and more people are finding blogs to be an effective business tool. Blogs can generate helpful feedback, solidify a customer base, and even draw in new clients. They are an especially cost-effective tool, as they can generally be maintained for little or no money.

“If you don’t know where to start, go with one of the big names, [such as] Yahoo! Small Business. Also, for experimenting with a blog, there’s nothing more simple than setting up one on Blogger.com.” Such is the advice of Rex Hammock, owner of Hammock Publishing.

James Governor, a technology analyst with Denver-based RedMonk, suggests using a tagging service such as Technorati.com as a way of building traffic to your blog. “A tag is basically a label you give your blog-say ‘professional services.’ Anyone who uses Technorati and has subscribed to that tag will receive a notification of your new blog entry on that subject,” he said.

Visitar provides innovative solutions that link rich telephony capabilities with business applications to improve efficiency and enhance customer and employee experience.

You can manage customer and prospect information, inbound calls, and outbound communications in a single unified system that is available to everyone in your business.

Some businesses form blogs in conjunction with several other businesses. In instances where they offer complimentary services, this is mutually beneficial, resulting in increased recognition for all without any competition from within.

Ruth Bielobocky, president of Ion Design, offers both words of support and caution. “A blog can be a great part of your marketing effort, but it should be planned appropriately with strategy in place . . . . Don’t forget the true needs of your target audience .

If the information from the blog doesn’t directly help them solve a problem or address their wants and needs, it will not work.”

Any blog, but particularly a business blog of which something is expected, needs to be updated regularly. It is generally considered best to have one dedicated writer, or at least a consistent voice between several contributors. And companies shouldn’t hesitate to solicit feedback from readers-that is a large part of what business blogs are all about.


Zilele marketingului in Cluj

20 mai 2006
"Zilele Marketing-ului" este un  eveniment  organizat de Asociatia
Studentilor Sectiei de Marketing n  colaborare  cu Casa de Cultura a
Studentilor din  Cluj Napoca . Acesta se va desfasura in perioada 22 -
27 mai in cadrul festivalului "Luna Studentului Clujean" editia a IV-a,
eveniment organizat de Consortiul Organizariilor Studentesti Cluj. 
Si pe 24 am si eu placerea de a face o  prezentare  pe doi vectori :
a) e-commerceul in Romania si de ce antreprenorii sunt cei care vor
castiga in comertul electronic;
b) dupa ce am prezentat ieri la Marketing Forum o prezentare
numita "Marketingul este razboi" , o voi reface-o in
 versiunea  "uncensored si uncut". Multumesc lui Radu Ionescu
(www.raduionescu.ro) care a zis ca a fost cea mai buna prezentare a
mea de pina acum ( si parerea lui Radu pentru mine personal conteaza
ft mult).

Si pentru ca asa m-am obisnuit: cele mai bune intrebari puse vor fi
recompensate cu carti. Noi, bune, scumpe, de marketing.
So... meet you there.

Madalin Matica
DotCommerce Romania

OUPS!!!!! I didn’t see that coming :(

18 mai 2006

VeriSign To Acquire GeoTrust

Acquisition Complements VeriSigns Direct-Sales SSL Presence With Well Developed Reseller Channel

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA May 17, 2006 VeriSign, Inc. ( Nasdaq : VRSN), the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure services for the Internet and telecommunications networks, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Needham, MA-based GeoTrust, Inc., a leading supplier of SSL and other solutions to secure e-business transactions, for approximately $125 million in cash.  The acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals and other conditions and is expected to close in the second half of this year. 

The acquisition of GeoTrust extends VeriSigns mission to enable and protect all forms of networked interactions, and addresses the needs of an evolving SSL market.  GeoTrusts well developed channel of more than 9,000 direct resellers in more than 140 countries will complement VeriSigns direct-sales SSL business, currently serving more than 3,000 enterprises worldwide.

The acquisition of GeoTrust improves VeriSigns ability to serve the reseller channel market with technologies and services that are specifically tailored to their needs, said Judy Lin, executive vice president and general manager, VeriSign Security Services.  The successful channel business GeoTrust has built will benefit from our infrastructure and additional products. We look forward to leveraging the GeoTrust channel, technology and brand to expand on our existing SSL offerings.

As the market for SSL continues to grow among organizations of all sizes, VeriSign recognizes the importance of a strong reseller channel to reach a broader range of customers, said Neal Creighton, GeoTrust CEO.  GeoTrust customers and resellers are sure to benefit from VeriSigns heritage in providing SSL and other network security solutions, as well as its global support network.

The acquisition will be accounted for as a purchase transaction and is expected to be accretive to earnings per share in 2007.  Additional financial information will be provided following the closing of the transaction.

For more information on VeriSign SSL offerings, please go to: 

About VeriSign  
VeriSign, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRSN), operates intelligent infrastructure services that enable and protect billions of interactions every day across the worlds voice and data networks. Additional news and information about the company is available at www.verisign.com

For more information, contact:  
VeriSign Media Relations: Brian OShaughnessy, boshaughnessy@verisign.com, 650-426-5270  
VeriSign Investor Relations: Tom McCallum, tmccallum@verisign.com, 650-426-3744


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